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Prilex Team is able to provide a good Distributed Denial Of Service (DDos) service to any website you request. There is an exception of course to what we will not attack.

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A hackers’ arsenal is incomplete without a good Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack tool. Cyber crooks use a DDoS attack to take down servers and crash websites by flooding them with fake traffic and many other forms of tools.

Intercepting a network makes an associated website temporarily unavailable to users. And while such a malicious attempt appears relatively harmless, it could cost website owners their web traffic. Not just this, prolonged downtimes could result in losses, too.

Before you go ahead and order DDoS attack tools online, let’s first understand how it works. We’ve also looked at the features of an effective DDoS attack tool.
How does a DDoS Attack work?
A DDoS attack involves the use of multiple compromised systems. They all target the same server or website. The attack is distributed along a network of systems and hence the name. Each computer sends a fake request to the target. Unable to cope with the sudden rush of traffic, the website crashes. As a DDoS attack originates from different sources they can be difficult to control.

The intention is usually to annoy or to take revenge. If you are a customer and a victim of Defamation , You can simply contact us and we can fix this problem..

The extent of the damage or the downtime duration depends on the type of DDoS attack initiated. Attacks targeting the application layer use internet-based HTTP requests to crash a site. The attacks remain active for up to 60 days. There are low and slow attacks too. These operate by sending a lower volume of data packets to the targeted server till it can handle no more. It can even be performed by a single machine and does not require a distributed network. Hackers may also target the protocol and transport layers.
What is DDoS service?
If you buy a DDoS attack service, you don’t really receive a tangible product. You are simply allowed access to botnets – a network of connected computers infected with malware. These compromised private computers are controlled remotely and coordinated to perform tasks such as sending data requests, send spam or even steal data.

While it is possible to create a botnet on your own, it is easier to get one of us.. Subleasing botnets is illegal. Hence, many DDoS attack services are marketed as ‘stressers’ – tools that engineers use to legitimately test the capability of their servers.

A great feature of ordering a DDoS attack service is that you can perform such stress tests anonymously. You are not asked to verify your identity and neither to prove your ownership of the website being tested. The DDoS attack tool is also known by other names such as ‘booters’ and ‘ddsoers’.
Order DDoS Attack
For quite some time, PrilexTeam offered a DDos Service and we have been very successful with such.